Saturday 4 June 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#8)

Yet another Saturday night! Blogging seems to be the ritual that I am doing almost every night. But I am not complaining as I am so into it!

Before I start to share the inspirational stuff, I thought it would be good to remind all you folks about "The 3 things that make you smile today". Here is my list:
1. Stumbled upon a site that seems to be a great site (but will do more research before I share it out with you folks).
2. Took healthier meals today with my wife i.e. no fast food, no fried stuff...
3. Still feel passionate about blogging.

What's yours? 

By the way, don't forget that I am still waiting for your comment/feedback (refer to my post here for more details)! Do keep them coming...

1. Inspirational Video - The Best Motivation Video:

2. Inspirational/Motivational Quote:

"The only way to turn Fear into Gear is to get up-close and personal with the unknown"


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