Saturday 16 April 2011

The beauty of Imperfection (缺陷美)

Question: What would you do when you see a stunning and perfectly good looking lady (or gentleman, if you are a lady) walk passed you?

I believed most of you will naturally take a second look of them right? No? (maybe you are the exceptional one, if your answer is no). Most people attracted to beautiful thing/people, from pop idol to beautiful building architecture to beautiful clothing...etc. It is just a natural reaction for us to be attracted to the "beautiful" things.

The problem is, most of the time, we pre-judged the beauty via our visual sense alone aka based on exterior appearances (which is the most volatile element) and giving too little time/effort to evaluate the other elements like the attitude, the character of a person. I guess that's why there is "love at first sight" and also the high divorce rate.

In fact, NO one is perfect in this world (and I really do mean NO one), but if you have a beautiful heart and positive mindset, it is enough to compensate your other shortfall and still deemed as a beauty at it's own rights! So, don't be too bothered by imperfection (since no one is perfect anyway) but focus on how you can bring across beautiful response to the people around you!

My sharing for today: "use your 5 senses with your HEART or else the outcome will just be nonsense!". In short:



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