Tuesday 12 April 2011

Aftershocks....God Bless Japan!

Not again...

Just to share the news that Japan has been hit with yet another aftershock on Monday evening (Japan Time), measured at 6.6 magnitude (killed at least 3, at report time). Report also mentioned that there are already about 270+ people died in the temporary shelter due to wound infection and lack of proper care (after surviving the shocking 9.0 magnitude quake AND the monstrous Tsunami which rocked the country into chaos).

Natural calamity is always so unpredictable and merciless, we all feel for the people in Japan.. Hope they recover soon and well enough... GOD BLESS JAPAN...again!

I am re-posting one of my previous writing (sorry, in Chinese only) in relation to Japan Tsunami incident:


For those who can't read Chinese, the words in red means "Japan, Stand Up again"

If you like to donate, please follow the links below:

Red Cross America
Red Cross Singapore

Before I knock-off, like to share a personal thought of mine:

"Whatever can be seen physically would not last forever, thus, treasure the invisible that came from the heart!"

Let's treasure our "3 things...".


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