Sunday 3 April 2011

Enemy of Positivity

Does anyone know what is the the similarity of these two pictures?

Make your guess?

That's right, I am talking about the usual suspect of "if only..." and "But..." which cropped up so often during our everyday communication. Their similarity is: They both are the enemy of positivity!!

I am sure these are the 2 very common words/phrase that we used so often that it became part of our daily vocabulary, it's like if we didn't use them often enough, we are "ill-treating" ourselves.

 Are the following responses sound familiar to you?

   I will be much happier if ony I can find more time to be with my family...
   I will be happier if only I managed to close that deal...

   I would loved to... but I need to work today...
  That's what I am going to do but I can't do it now because.....

These words/phrase are so lethal that they kill off all your positivity and energy force by providing you the perfect excuse(s) NOT TO succeed. In fact, they are the offsprings of "MR PROCRASTINATION" and "MS EXCUSE", so, what do you expect?!

Let's don't fall for their trap! In fact, these 2 words/phrases should be banned from your daily vocabulary as much as possible!  Instead, we should take back full control of our thought/action by avoiding them altogether and start to state:

    I felt happy now because...
    I felt rich now because....

Finally, let's all make HAPPINESS your CHOICE and NOT your REACTION!! You choose to be happy, no matter where you are, how you are doing...

4 more days to Earth Hour and don't forget your "3 things that make you smile today"!


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  1. 3 things that made me smile today
    1. Everyone at home is doing well and healthy
    2. Watching Claudia and Chloe smiles and sweetly asleep
    3. Had a simple yet good dinner with a friend

    In addition, reading Richard's blog :)

  2. Thanks min min for ur support! ;)