Friday 8 April 2011

Today's new findings...(Part 2)

Once again, it's Friday now and resting days are just around the corner! Woohoo.... Hope you folks have a great weekend ahead!

There are a few things (freebies) I would like to share today, mainly are from the internet. Please see below for more details:

1. Another Self-Publishing platform called "Squidoo"! As compared to "HubPages" that I shared previously, this platform is more casual (you should be able to tell from the name of the site! By the way, the mascot of the site is really a squid, hence the name!). Having said that, it is still a full fledged self-publishing platform that allow you to create page (or "lense", as per what this community called it) with a user friendly editor. Those who are into writing, should try this out! Registration is FREE!

Note: I've tried both platforms, their features are comparable, Hubpages is generally more serious whereas Squidoo is more fun (the squid will pop-up every now and then to catch you by surprises!). You can always try both if you really got a lot of thing to write!

2. Do you ever been told that you looks like somebody and somebody? Like my case of the MAD against ME (see my post on 29/03/2011 for details)?! It just means that there are quite a number of us having a common face. Eager to find out more?

I've found a site called "Pictriev" whereby you can upload your photo (the photo must contain at least one full face figure) and within seconds, it will search through the internet for the similar faces' photos and show it to you on screen! Cool right?

What's more amazing is that it will also indicate your estimated age (by just use your photo). I've tried it personally and I must say that the accuracy is not that high, but I thought it is still quite a cool technology after all. You should try it out and I am sure it will help you SMILE just by looking at the matched photos!

3. For those who likes to edit your photo to create more OHM to it but don't want to spend your hard earn money to buy licensed software like Photoshop, I've chanced upon a free software called "Photoscape" which allow you to edit your photos with whole loads of editing features like resizing, brightness and colour adjustment, frames, mosaic, cropping and many more. It also allow you to create an animated GIF by using multiple photos. Another cool Free software worth a try. I've downloaded the software, will be trying it out real soon, I will post my comment here subsequently on the result.

NOTE: Please provide your comment if any of you have use either one of the above mentioned platform/software before!

As usual, before I part, my sharing of the quote today is:

"Living is like taking a roller coaster ride, you already expected UPs and DOWNs, TWISTs and TURNs and lot's of TEARs (from laughter or fear), but you still take it anyway! That's Life!"

Cheers! Oh, oh, don't forget to cite your "3 things..."!

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