Monday 4 April 2011

Today's new findings...

Monday is coming to an end soon... but new knowledge and information keep flowing in! Ever since I jump into more in dept study on "Internet Marketing", the more I know what I don't know!

Frankly, I am getting hooked by this new venture of mine as it has provided me multiple platform in showcasing my passion (writing something, anything...). What's more, it might be another stream of passive income that I've no qualm in investing my time/passion into!

So, what is my new discovery today? For those who like to write something (anything that you know or interested in e.g. article on shoe, watches, iPhone guide or your travel diary etc...) and get it publish on-line in the quickest manner FREE, you can't afford to miss HubPages (click on the logo below to access their site to explore for yourself!)

I managed to publish an article in HubPages within 30 minutes (from registration to writing to self-publishing!). Please click on Inspire It Forward to view my Page (or "Hub" as per what this community call it). By the way, I am deemed a Hubber in this community! ;-)

Oh, the best part is that this site has incorporated the built-in "Internet Marketing" element on your page. If your page(hub) is attracting enough traffics/visitors, it might earn you some decent money along the way! Cool right?

Hope the above sharing is of help to the liked-minded readers!

Before I part, I leave with you the following quote:

"When you lost control, you are losing battle against yourself! The result is always WIN-LOST or LOST-LOST!"

Cheers! As usual, do remember your "3 things..."!

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