Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Joy of Setting Goals

set goalsRegardless of age, people need to set meaningful goals that they truly desire to accomplish. Goals may be as simple as washing dishes or as complex as learning a new language. However, the desire to accomplish the objective is the most significant factor in setting and achieving goals.

The Reason to Set Goals

Dissatisfaction is the only reason people set goals. People who are satisfied with their daily routines remain in their comfortable ruts until they retire. Perhaps that’s why 43 percent of American retirees had less than $10,000 in savings in 2010. According to CNNMoney.com, this represented an increase of 4 percent compared with 2009. Whatever the reason, setting long-term goals would increase the amount in savings at retirement.

Although the retirees’ homes and pensions are not included in the CNN report, the most satisfied among us should recognize the importance of setting goals. We should realize that the only way to change our lifestyle, environment, financial or other areas of our lives require that we choose to change.

Setting Goals

· Goals Should be Specific.

When establishing goals, you should determine a specific amount for retirement. Instead of saying that you will have a lot of money, determine that you will have $100,000 in savings. You will be motivated as the account grows.

· Declare a Due Date.

Determine a specific date that you expect to accomplish your goal. Make a daily schedule to work on each step that is needed to achieve your goals. By working on long-term goals every day, you remind yourself of the goal, and see the progress you are making.

· Visualize Your Goal.

If your goal is to get additional education, visualize yourself walking across the stage to receive your diploma or certificate.

When setting the goal of buying a new home, you can search the Internet for your perfect home. Once you find it, you should drive by it each day.

If you want to drive a new BMW, you can visit a website like www.bmwrockville.com choose your dream car and visualize the day you will own it.

Staying Motivated

Remember that the winning team is not always ahead during the game. You cannot afford to give up when things go wrong. Strengthen your resolve and continue pursuing your goals

Be sure to reward yourself each time you accomplish a goal. An evening of dining and entertainments is a suitable reward for some goals. A day off playing with the kids is both enjoyable and a great stress reliever. Buying a BMW is a great reward when you have achieved an extremely challenging goal.

Purpose Gives Life Meaning

As the choose goals, you are examining areas of your life that you choose to improve. Since you make the choice, you are fulfilling a purpose, and your purpose fills your life with more joy.

Opportunities to improve your health, lifestyle, finances and countless other areas of life exist when you choose to set goals.

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