Thursday 15 December 2011

SPECIAL: Legal Track - Case Matter Management Software

If you visited this blog often enough, you will notice that I am sharing anything under the sun which I find interesting or useful to share. Today is no different, I am sharing something unique and is applicable more to corporate users (especially for profession like attorneys, lawyers, insurance representatives etc..). So, please bear with me if you are not from the corporate world or these specific sectors! ;-)

I believed most of the corporate users would have heard of the case management software, but to find a good case matter management software for legal or insurance industry is a challenge. It is even more challenging to find one which is fully integrated with your current productivity software like MS Words, MS Excel and MS Outlook.

Today, I am going to share a promising matter management software that I've chanced upon recently. Legal Track, is a full fledged matter management software that seamlessly integrated with all the productivity softwares mentioned above. What makes this software unique is it's built-in CRM (Customer Relation Management) features and it's seamless mobile integration capability. For the full list of it's key features, please refer to feature of case management software.

I know this post might not appeal to everyone but hope this sharing can benefit selected few who chanced upon this blog! ;-)


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