Thursday 8 December 2011

Great Infographics On Happiness

I am sure many of us surf the web quite frequently or at least viewing/posting on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn occasionally. If you haven't already noticed (which I doubt), we are flooded with humongous volume of information freely available on the internet. What is even worst now is that most of the information are being "pushed" to us via our little companion gadget called smartphone and/or tablet.

Thus, we are practically being bombarded by information from all possible angles on every waking moment. In short, we can run but we cannot hide (from the tsunami of information overload)!

That's the reason why I like information presented in the infographic format. Infographic refers to the information/data presented in a graphical format. The main advantage of infographic is it's visual attraction that make the absorption of complex information easier and faster.

Being a blog focusing on inspirational and happiness related stuff, I've compiled a few marvelous infographics related to happiness for your reading pleasure (click on the image to enlarge the view):

Of course, last but not least, my original inspirational quote:



  1. Interesting and effective way to get your points across.

  2. Hi nothingprofound, thanks for the comment! ;-)

  3. Just visited your blog to see if I showed up on the BlogCatalog recent visitors widget, but I couldn't see it.