Saturday 26 November 2011

The Importance Of Self Confidence

Every happy and successful person has many things in common, I am sure one of it is self-confidence. Able to maintain a high level of self-confidence (belief in your abilities) and self-esteem (belief in your worth) are keys to their success.

Having said that, does it means that those who are successful born with higher self-confidence/self-esteem by nature? The answer is a resounding "No"! All these traits were programmed by ourselves from the day we're born (basing on what we have been taught by our parents and what we have encountered etc...). The good news is that we can change this self programming pattern

Of course, all changes need to start from within, from inside out! As taught by Ms Laura Silva in her Silva Method, all changes start in your mind. To kick-off the change, you need to build on the power of positive thinking so as to increase your belief in yourself. In short, you need to be the master of your mind! To learn more of The Silva Method on how to increase the self confidence, check out their official blog at how to have self confidence.

Hope my sharing gives you some insights on how to be the mastery of your mind and leads to your high self confidence.



  1. Not all strengths are created equal. If you're like me, there are times when a particular strength seems more like a liability than an asset.

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    1. Hi Mac,

      Thanks for dropping by. Agreed with you that at times it can be a double-sided sword, so use it with care! ;-)