Thursday 31 March 2011

Seeing Is Believing?

Last night, one of my ex-colleague told me (through fb) that she has read my blog and felt inspired by it (especially on the "3 things that make you smile..."). She encouraged me to continue blogging and share it across. At this moment, no words can describe my satisfaction and happiness! So, this must be one of my 3 things then...Hehe. I know there is a saying of "double edged sword", but I've created a "double happiness blog"! Hahaha.

Seriously, I will carry on for as long as I possibly can or until such a time that there is no longer visitor(s) patronizing my blog... For now, life goes on...

In this information overloaded age, many a time, we can't really believe/trust what we hear until we really see it with our own eyes. That's the reason why the saying "Seeing is believing". It is generally true if we talking about present/now. For the future, I beg to differ, thus, I am adding my own thought of "For your future, you need to believe before you can see"! So, let's sort out the right sequence and start BELIEVING now!  


Oh, don't forget your "3 things..."!



  1. GREAT...I DO BELIEVE IN "For your future, you need to believe before you can see"! ...THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES...GOD BLESS YOU..