Friday 9 September 2011

SPECIAL: Insurance

I am in the Insurance Industry for almost 20 years now and I am learning something new everyday about this delicate industry. Insurance is something that you buy but yet hope that you would not need it so soon.

Effectively, you are just buying a "promise" which was translated into a stack of paper (policy contract)[physical or digital form], thus, it is the most intangible yet important products in the market. Of course, with the ever increasing variation of products popping up every now and then, it can only get more and more complicated.

Besides, there are many different types of insurance in the market, just to quote a few example: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Liability Insurance etc... For Liability Insurance alone, there are many subcategories like Travel, Third Party, Business Insurance etc...

Talking about the Liability Insurance, recently stumbled upon an informative blog that share some nice piece of information on liability insurance, check it out via the link below:

Types Of Liability Insurance

Since we are on the topic of insurance, here come my original quote which relates to insurance:

"Insurance is sold not bought; Happiness is shared not taught!"


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