Thursday 29 September 2011

Take Stock!

Time flies, third quarter of 2011 is coming to an end and the last quarter of the year is just around the corner! What have you achieved so far? How many 2011 resolution have you completed so far? It's time to take stock of your achievement and start to plan for year 2012 and beyond.

For me, I've achieved a number of new online ventures, like started this blog (in Mar 2011) and gone into the space of internet marketing learning etc...even though none of these are part of my original 2011 resolution! As age is catching up fast, I need to speed up my learning curve and hope to be able to contribute more on the online space. So, stay tune! 

By the way, next week (to be exact, on 5th Oct 2011), Apple is going to announce the launch of the highly anticipated IPhone 5. Can't wait to see the real new model, hope that it WOW me once again with it's new features and the missing flash player (not so hopeful for the latter though!).

It has been awhile since my last inspirational quote sharing, here come the latest one, fresh from the oven:

"The further you go, the closer you are towards your goal; The harder the decision, the easier to obtain appreciation!"


P/S: Just catches the Gala Premier of "Real Steel" yesterday. It's an awesome movie with right mix of robots, action, laughter, tears and loves. The casts are great, the story line is simple yet inspirational. Highly recommended to everyone, young or old! Click on the image below to check out their official Facebook Fan Page:

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