Wednesday 8 August 2012

Latest Viral MV from Psy - Gangnam Style That Sure To Make You LOL

It's already mid-week now and tomorrow (9th Aug 2012) is Public Holiday here in Singapore. To be exact, it's Singapore 47th National Day. So, it's time to let our hair down earlier this week instead of waiting till Friday!


To help you do that, I am sharing herewith one the the latest hilarious viral video from youtube. Actually, it is a MV from Korean Singer, Psy, and the title of the song is "Gangnam Style". Sorry to tell you that I don't understand what it means but who cares? Forget about the lyric, forget about the song (quite nice actually), just enjoy this hilarious MV especially on the dance move involving the kid and in group. I've watched it a couple of times (today alone) and still LOL during these scenes!    

If the above MV is not your cup of tea, maybe the following photo might be able to do the job:


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