Tuesday 7 August 2012

SPECIAL : Website That Resolve Single Conversion Problem

Everyday, there are many websites and blogs being launched with the aim to provide solution for a particular problem (or a set of problems). Along the way, the sites are getting more graphical and are incorporated with more multi-media elements like photos, animation and videos etc.. so as to spice up user experiences. Of course, the ultimate question is how effective are they solving the problem in question?

Recently, I've chanced upon a very simple website that aimed to solve a single conversion problem, which is from feets to meters (and vice-verse). I must say that this is one of the simplest User Interface I've ever seen for a long time but the point is it does serve its purpose well, which is conversion of measurements. Simplicity is IN as less is new more.

In fact, the name of the site is also very direct to the point i.e. convert meters to feet.

So, have you ever came across any similar interesting site that trying to solve a single or micro problem? If yes, do share your findings here. 


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