Sunday 16 September 2012

The Best Gift Is The One Touches The Heart!

Today, 16th Sep is exactly the 15th year since I first met my wife. As usual, we had a wonderful anniversary lunch at the same hotel that we had our wedding ceremony. Till this date, we still exchange anniversary card on this special date and I must say this small piece of paper still managed to warm my heart every time I read what was written there. To me, it is much more precious than the gift and the meals. The reason is because the best gift in the world is the one that touches the heart!

For a relationship, 15 years is not a short time but it's not that long either. We've been through high and low points of our life together, it is a blessing that so far our happier times is much more than the challenging times. Of course, no one can guarantee anything in the future (I am a realist) but I am committed to live the moment with my wife and hope to spend the next 15, 30, 45 years with her arms in mine.

Following are some photo shots from our anniversary lunch today:
anniversary celebration
Solo shot 

anniversary celebration
Solo shot with sorbet 

anniversary celebration
solo shot... again

anniversary celebration
couple shot with the complimentary cake from the hotel

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