Thursday 20 September 2012

My First iOS 6 Panoramic Photo And How To Display It As Adjustable Panorama Photo

Apple has just released it's latest iOS 6 this morning, the upgrade through WIFI is seamless and took me just about 15 minutes to complete the upgrade (I am currently using iPhone 4S). Without wasting much time, my first personal "assignment" is to take a panoramic photo to see how it turn out. 

The panorama feature is logically placed in the "Options" button of the camera. Once you tap on the "Options", you will see the new "Panorama" button (refer to the first photo on the left). Tap on the "Panorama" and you will see a progress bar appearing at the centre of the screen with simple text guide underneath it. Move your phone slowly from left to right in a straight line alignment until the progress bar hit the end (refer to the second photo on the left). You can actually end the shooting earlier by tapping on the camera button at the bottom. By the way, if you move your phone too fast, there will be a message alert you to slow down! I must say that taking panoramic photo via iOS 6 is intuitive and seamless.

Viola! Following is my first panoramic photo that I've taken this afternoon at National Library Of Singapore (static view):

My first panoramic photo (fixed view)
Of course, I didn't just stop here as I remember seeing someone incorporate a true panoramic photo online whereby user can dynamically adjust the view in 360 Degree. Thus, I tasked myself to  convert my first panoramic photo into dynamic view too. Through few clicks and searches, finally I managed to find a site called Dermander do just that i.e. automatically convert a panoramic photo into a dynamic view. 

Here is the outcome of my first true panoramic photo (click and drag to look around the photo or double-click to enlarge the image):

Note: If your browser is not supporting the dynamic photo embedded within the blog, click on the link here to view it at the Dermander site. 

What do you think about my very first panoramic photo? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section.


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