Monday 25 March 2013

We All Need A Bucket List

bucket listLet's face it, we all going to die when the time is "right". No one can escape the certainty of death except that we all hope our turn can be later than sooner. Thus, we should not be too concern about death itself but rather what we are going to do while we are still alive and kicking?! Agree? 
Hence, my post on Bucket List today. Simply put, Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die (kicked the bucket). Another way to look at it is that once you've checked all the items in your bucket list, you are deemed to have no more regrets in your life as you've done all you set out to complete!

Thus, I am of the view that regardless of your age now, it is important for all of us to maintain a Bucket List and check it off along the way.
Some of my thought about the Bucket List:
1. The things/action in the Bucket List need to be challenging and meaningful enough in your life i.e. those stuffs that you can attain easily should not be in the list. The ideal thing is something that will test your courage, gut, determination or something that is spiritually and mentally enriching. Having said that, it doesn't mean that it must be something huge or grand (scroll further down for some typical examples)
2. When identifying the list, avoid considering whether it is achievable or not (you can leave this to the later when working towards achieving them). So, think big!
3. The earlier you start compiling your list, the longer it should be and the chances of achieving more items from the list is higher. Thus, just like saving or investing, start early so that you can complete more items throughout your life.  
bucket list
Bucket List
So, what are the good example of Bucket List? Following are some typical examples:
1. Go Mountain Cycling
2. Go canoeing
3. Learn to play golf
4. Invent a board game etc...
Of course, only you (and you only) can determine what's in your list. You need to do some soul searching and identifying them through your mind and heart. One key action is that you need to put them in writing (offline or online). There are a number of FREE mobile apps that you can download (iOS or Android) to keep track of your Bucket List, just search for it.   
In fact, there was a movie with the same title (The Bucket List, 2008) starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and I loved it. It is very meaningful and definitely worth your time. Click on the image below for more details of the movie:
Lastly, to be realistic, we are not living in an ideal world and it is highly possible that we might not checked off all the items in our bucket list when our time is "right", but that's besides the point, the key is we keep identifying what WE WANT TO DO (before we kicked the bucket) and work towards achieving them.

So, do you maintain your Bucket List now? If "no", are you planning to start one soon? Feel free to share your view in the comment section.

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