Sunday 9 June 2013

This Photoshop Stunt Will Make Your Day

photoshop trick
After a few months gap in posting, I am back! ;-)

Today, I am going to share something light, hope to make your weekend a brighter one. If you are living in Finland and using public transport, you might be one of the unsuspecting actor/actress, which will leave you a smile at the end by this Photoshop trick.

As part of of a promotion for Adobe Creative Days, taking place live online beginning June 11, this Photoshop trick is a combi of both Candid Camera and Mission: Impossible stunt. Basically, it is an effort to demo how quickly you (the user of Photoshop) can produce a convincing composites via Photoshop. It definitely makes the point rather clearly. Don't you agree?

Now, enjoy the 2 minutes clip and have a laugh! ;-)


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