Sunday 1 September 2013

SMILES Is Your New Force Of Positivity

After missing for one month from the blog, I am back!

One of the main objective of my blog is to share some of my personal inspirational snippets/thinking/stories my readers so as to create a more positive energy in the online and offline space. In fact, even without updating my blog, I do still continue to share my inspirational quotes through my social media channels (to connect with me in these channel, just choose Facebook or Twitter).

Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature called "Embed Post" which I thought is a great way for me to integrate what I've shared in my facebook with all of you here.

As per the blog title, SMILES is your new force of positivity. Don't you think so? If you are constantly keeping a long face, do you think you will emit positivity for the people around you?

Following are selected SMILES related posts that I've shared in my Facebook recently and thus would like to reshare it here.

Keep reading and enjoy!


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