Wednesday 31 July 2013

Want To Be Happier? Try Participate In Charity Drive, Voluntarily!

First, I have a question for you : Most of the time, your source of happiness is when you are GIVING or RECEIVING? (I am not talking about money alone, it could be a piece of good advice, compliments or contribution to charity drive etc...)
Take a few seconds to think about this important question.
Be true to yourself!
There is no right or wrong answer!

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OK! My guess is that most of us gathered our happiness from both sources. Some are more towards RECEIVING end and others are more towards GIVING end.
Let's dissect a little bit more of each spectrum here...
When you are GIVING (voluntarily):
- You are in full control of what to give and who to give it to.
- You are creating a more positive/happy environment for the people around you.
- It is a "One-to-One" or "One-to-Many" relationship i.e. there is a potential of reaching more beneficiaries (receivers) in the process.

When you are RECEIVING:
- You are dependant on others to provide and it is not within your control (on what you are going to receive).
- You are only part of a more positive/happy environment. 
- It is a "One-to-One" or "Many-to-One" relationship i.e. you are one of the beneficiaries (receivers).

From the past one year or so, I am trying to focus more on GIVING (than RECEIVING) and am very happy about the change as I do become an happier man now. The pure thought of my participation could possibly help/benefit some under-privilege individuals is enough to generate the positive energy inside me. As mentioned earlier, GIVING need not be in monetary term alone, it can be anything as long as you gave it voluntarily and sincerely.

To quote as example, following are some of the meaningful GIVING causes that I have participated in:
1. Blood donation (quarterly since April last year):
2. Hair For Hope campaign (for Children Cancer Foundation) - last weekend, first time ever:
3. Monthly donation to the Singapore Kidney Foundation (even though it's only a small amount)
Please note that this post is by no means trying to show off any of my previous contribution. Rather, I am trying to inspire as many people as possible to look at different angle when searching for the meaning of happiness. Many a time, by becoming a source of happiness, we are naturally becoming an happier and better person. Don't you think so?
Feel free to share with us your experiences in participating in any of the charity drive(s). Hope to hear from you folks soon.

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