Sunday 28 July 2013

Hair For Hope Mission Accomplished ; Hope For Hair Next

Finally! I've gotten my fresh look at the very top. 

Yesterday, my maiden participation in the Hair For Hope campaign has come to realization. When I reached the location (Vivo City Singapore) half-an-hour earlier than the registered time, what surprises me are the massive queues. There are 2 queues, one for those pre-registered participants (like me) and the other is for those impromptu candidates. 

While in the queue, can share the excitements of fellow shavees in participating in this meaningful cause, especially for those ladies (kudos to their courage). As per the MC, there were about 8,000 shavees (unaudited) participated in this year's event (which is 2,000 more than this year's target). I am proud to be part of this meaningful event. 

You know what? The icing on the cake is that I have also able to inspired an online donation that exceeded my personal target of $1,000. I know this is not a big amount but every dollar counts! The donation drive is still on-going, if you are interested to check out more or pledge your online donation, feel free to click on Hair For Hope 2013.

If you ask me whether I will be participating again in the following years, my answer is : of course!

Following are some of the photos taken during and after the event.

Pre-shave (the crowd, the queue and the pre-bald shots):

Shaving in progress (going..going.... gone):

Post-shave (The baldness me):

Feel free to share your personal experience of participating in such meaningful event.