Sunday 9 October 2011

Can You Still Remember Your Childhood Dream?

When we were at tender age (aka during childhood), I am sure we have been asked many times about what we want to do next when we grown-up, either at school or at home. Can you still remember your childhood dream(s)? Are you doing what you dreamt of then?

I like to liken all those childhood dreams as bubble dreams as they are like bubbles, majority bursts as fast as it is formed... 

For me, my bubble dreams changes over time (I am pretty sure many of you does the same too!). Briefly, they can be chronically categorized as follows:
  • Primary School      : Comic Artist
  • Secondary School  : Book Author
As you can see, I didn't make it to be either one of it. But I do noticed that my hobbies and passion (e.g. reading, movie going and writing) are directly or indirectly mold by my childhood dreams, of which they are my lifelong intangible asset now! (P/S: at least I am a blogger now, not so far off from my dream actually!)

Thus, everyone should not forget about their dreams and most importantly must be dare to dream! Ultimately, the dreams might or might not comes true but at least we have purpose in life to looks forward to. Also, it will definitely form a meaningful part of our journey in life. 

My original quote of the day:

"Dream is like bubble, it bursts as fast as it is formed unless you keep holding on to it!"


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