Monday 31 October 2011

World Kindness Day - 13th Nov 2011

One of the main purpose of this blog is to spread the positivity around the community and hope to inspire it forward to as many people as possible. 13th Nov 2011 is the World Kindness Day, it's a global movement to promote and organize kindness activities and celebrate the day. Thus, I thought it's a great opportunity for me to promote this global event here. 

To me, kindness need to come from within and we must not only practice it on this particular day. Of course, we all are busy with life and thus occasional reminder on such global event does help to bring us back to the fundamental. Besides, I do believe that kindness is a 2-way process and everyone play an important part in making a true kindness community, a kindness city, a kindness country and a kindness world. Kindness is contagious and we all can Pay It Forward easily.

For more details of the World Kindness Movement (from Singapore), check out their official site at World Kindness Movement. Besides, to create more awareness among the community, I've created a Facebook Poll regarding this topic, if you are interested to participate in this personal poll, do check it out at My World Kindness Day FB Poll.
When talking about kindness, it reminded me of a story that I read sometime back (if I am not wrong, it's from the Chicken Soup series). The story goes something like this:

A man walking along the sea shore saw quite a number of starfishes being washed up to the shore by the wave, no too far in front of him, he saw a young man pick-up the starfish, one at a time, and throw it back towards the sea.  

Out of curiosity, he approach the young man and asked him why he did that since it doesn't make much difference as there are simply too many starfish scattered along the shore. The young man responded "at least I make a difference to THAT starfish" and he continue to throw the starfish on-hand towards the sea

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My take of this story is "Everyone make a difference, the only different is how big or how small is the difference!".


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