Sunday 16 October 2011

Dream is no easy DREAM!

The other day, had a great chat with a newly added facebook friend* from Malaysia (my hometown), he is a very cheerful and self-motivated young man. The best part is that we are communicating in dual language out of efficiency i.e. he is using Chinese and I am using English. We started to share about our hobby, work, interest etc.. and out of sudden, he asked me about my dream.. What a coincident, dream is also the subject of my last blog post : Can You Still Remember Your Childhood Dream? So, I thought I would just continue to write something about dream today.

I replied him that actually I do not have any big dream now besides hoping to stay happy, positive and healthy... He corrected me that these should be done even on daily basis and thus should not be considered as dream. it set me re-thinking about the meaning of dream...Hence, my blog title today: Dream is no easy DREAM.

Let me explain, the second DREAM in the title is an abbreviation of:

Thus, in order to suffice as a dream of your lifetime, it should not be something that easily Doable, Reachable, Easy, Available and Measurable. It needs to be something long term (i.e. for a lifetime) and  will create a huge advancement to your life experience. In short, it MUST BE something that you have not done or achieved before!

Realistically, not everyone will achieve their dream(s) ultimately, but it is important to keep your dream quietly alive as ultimately it is the dream that set us moving forward and keep going! All the best to you, dreamers!

"Dream starts with the visualization in your inner world (mindset) and end with the actualization in the physical world. Thus, you need to SEE it through your mind!"


PS: *My friend is called Rawangboy and he is quite a famous author/book publisher in Malaysia, if you can read Chinese, do check out his blog at Rawangboy.

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