Friday 6 January 2012

How Did You Spend Your First Week of 2012?

First weekend of 2012 is just around the corner. How did you celebrate the new year count-down last weekend? Did you spend time holidaying in far far away land, like many other Singaporean here did or....?

For me, it's a usual annual brunch with wife at the usual restaurant called The Line (at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore). Surprisingly, this year the place is quite crowded (I thought we are supposed to be having economic downturn? No?). Anyway, we enjoyed the food, the ambiance and the companion of each other. 

Also, managed to catch 2 movies (DVD) with my wife at our cosy home ("No String Attached" and "X-men : First Class"), both are deemed watchable and entertaining but no classic materials though. After which, it's all workdays until now... However, I am grateful that my works are not that demanding at the moment and thus able to spend more time with my loved ones. 

Hope that you folks have a wonderful first week of 2012 as well and do feel free to share your new year celebration here.

Just to get a little bit more up-close and personal with you guys/gals, I am sharing herewith some photos taken from the brunch session with my wife:    
First Champagne in 2012

The mix (Japanse Soba and chilled lobster)
That's my wife and me in MIB theme
That's me in solo
This one is outside the restaurant. How many birds are there?

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