Tuesday 3 January 2012

What Make You Happy?

This morning, as usual, am listening to the Mandarin Radio broadcast while having my breakfast. But this time round, I pay more attention to the radio than the breakfast. It is not because of the song or the broadcaster, but the heartfelt sharing by one of the listener about the topic "What Make You Happy?"...

The conclusion that I derived from the sharing by the listener is as follows:

"To be happy, we need to be grateful for small little things that happening around us" 

(For example, we should feel happy when the train is running smoothly; we should feel happy when someone we don't know give us a pleasant smile; we should feel happy when we watched a nice movie or listened to a good song etc...)

This is the exact principle that I am practising until today, I am pretty sure that I will continue to use this principle till the day I call it a day. My reasoning is very simple, BIG thing is hard to come by or at least would not happen so frequently as compared to the small things, which is happening around us every day. So, would you choose to be happy everyday or just once in the blue moon? The choice is yours to make as happiness is in your hand and not others.

This bring me to the topic that I want to discuss further: Being Optimistic! I firmly believed that an optimistic person is happier in nature (as compared to the person who are pessimistic). Again, no rocket science here, an optimistic person response to/deal with every situation with positive connotation whereby the pessimistic person doing just the reversed.

In summary, my recipe for "What Make You Happy?" are:
1. To be able to feel happiness for the smallest thing around you.
2. To be optimistic

So, what is your take on happiness in your own country? Do share it cross in the comment lines below.


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