Saturday 14 January 2012

Lunar Chinese New Year 2012

In slightly more than 1 week's time, all the Chinese from around the world will be celebrating the Chinese New Year (to be specific, the first day of Chinese New Year falls on 23/01/2012 [Monday] and it will last for 15 days). As usual, this year I will be going back to my hometown (Taiping, Malaysia) for the reunion. However, basing on the Chinese customary , we cannot celebrate the Chinese New Year during the first year of our immediate family's passing. So, this year will be a quieter reunion for us.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the Year Of Dragon (a mystic and auspicious creature from Chinese Mythology, see photo below). There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac representing the year of your birth. Thus, all Chinese belongs to one of the 12 animals (for me, I was born in the Year Of Boar/Pig).  
The 12 animals of Chinese Zodiac
Usually during this period (few weeks before the Chinese New Year), most Chinese from across the world will be busy doing the annual spring cleaning, buying or making the New Year decoration, cookies and of course, exchanging the new notes (money) for Ang Pow (red packets) packing. Basing on the Chinese Tradition, married couples are to give Ang Pow (with money inside, of course) to the juniors (those who are not married yet) as a sign of great start of the year in terms of their study or work.  
Sample of Red packet
To spice up my blog, I've snapped some photos relating to Chinese New Year items from my recent marketing trip. Enjoy...
This is the god-offering food/item
Chinese New Year dried fruits in Dragon Packaging
This is what inside the Dragon packaging



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