Monday 2 January 2012

SPECIAL: Time To Plan For Your Next Trip

Time really fly, the first day of 2012 has just ended by the time this post is published (Singapore Time). However, we still have 365 days to go in 2012 because this year is a Leap Year! If you were at work last week, I believed you do noticed that the office is almost half empty, that's because it's a typical long holiday period and most people will take this opportunity to do one thing.... and that is... travelling.

Talking about travelling, I read about a national survey (in Singapore) sometime back regarding the favourite hobbies of Singaporean, and you know what? Travelling is ranked Number 1 in this survey. So, saying travelling is the national hobby of the locals here is not an overstatement.

If you are a local frequent traveller, I am sure the most exciting time for you is during the Natas Fair (National Association of Travel Agents Singapore). As this is the time for you to hunt for the best travelling deals in town. Usually, there are two travel fairs in a year. In 2012, the first Natas Fair is scheduled from 24 to 26 February 2012 at the Singapore Expo.

You might be just back from your trip not long ago, but it is always good to plan ahead for your next trip. This will minimise any potential hiccup for planning it at the last minute. Besides sorting out the itinerary and get your ticket(s) as early as possible, the next key step is to get the appropriate level of Travel Insurance. Of course, usually there are Travel Insurance Promotion at Natas Fair, thus, it is advisable to take advantage of all these promotions during the fair and get all your travelling needs under one-roof.

As the saying goes, failed to plan is plan to fail, this applies to travelling too. Thus, do plan ahead and hope you have a fruitful 2012 and enjoyable trips ahead!


P/S: For more details of the the Natas Fair and the Travel Insurance Promotion in Natas Fair, do click on the above links to find out more.


  1. I always wanted to go to Singapore. The culture, food, color.. it is so lively!

    You have a very informative blog!
    wishes for the new year :)

  2. Hi Perfectly Imperfect,

    Thanks for the kind words and Singapore is welcoming you here! ;-)