Friday 27 April 2012

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#18)

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April is coming to an end, we are already almost in the mid of second Quarter of 2012, I hope you are progressing well so far in 2012. In any case, no matter what is your progress now, you can't change what you have already done (or didn't do), you should  focus on the present and work towards your goal(s) NOW!

This is already the 18th sharing of my "Inspire It Forward" posts, hope you folks like it. Do share with me what other motivational and inspirational stuff you like to see in my blog and I will try my very best to accede to your request.

Keep Going and Keep Smiling!

1. Inspirational Video - Change Your Mind In Just 2.50 Minutes:

2. Inspirational Quotes (Original):

“Future is yet to come; Past is no longer exists; Live the MOMENT!" 


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