Sunday 8 April 2012

Life Is A Series Of Obstacles Meant To Cross

Today, I met an University classmate of mine whom I've not in contact for n number of years. What trigger the meeting is actual THIS blog! Yes, I meant the blog that you are reading now. It is a pleasant surprise to me that this friend of mine has been reading my blog and was inspired by what I've written, especially during his challenging year in 2011 and thus he has initiated the meeting to share with me his thoughts.

We shared quite a fair bit about our good old days, our life so far, kids (even though I don't have one ;-)) and how we see our future. I've learnt that he has been through a difficult and life-changing year in 2011, both his personal life as well as his business. All a long, he strikes me as a man with good mental strength, a tough guy, if you like. But after his heart-to-heart sharing, I find that he has his weak point and thanks god, he managed to pull-through all these challenging obstacles in year 2011. Now, he is regaining his confident in life and restarting a brand new chapter of his journey of life. 

What made me even more pleased is he shared with me that the inspirational stories in my blog provides him with certain strength (positive energy) to face life during his low point. I am deeply touched (and secretly happy) as I didn't expect my WORDS can be so powerful. The original purpose of my blog to Inspire it Forward seems to yield it's fruits. What makes it even more meaningful is the recipient is someone I know.

John: This post is for you. Life is a series of obstacles meant to cross and you've crossed many of them now, don't give up and you will never failed!


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