Sunday 1 April 2012

So What If It Crashes?

Today is April Fool's day, before I start my sharing, I would like to wish everyone here a happy April Fool's Day

By the way, my following sharing is NOT an April Fool's joke! ;-)

This week marks an unfortunate week for me as I've lost something very important, completely! After few attempts of rescue operations, I've failed to recover all the important data in my PC and have no choice but to restore it to the original factory position. It means that it has reborn as a brand new baby, a total blank sheet! As I do not have the habit of backing-up my data regularly (my last back-up is probably one year ago. I know, I should have done it more regularly, but I didn't), the lost is deemed unrecoverable and permanent.

In life, such thing happens, I am not overly bordered by it and actually quite happy that I can learn something out of it. What I've learnt from this experience are:
  1. Remember to back-up all my important data more regularly from now on.
  2. Unfortunate event happens anytime anywhere even when you least expected it. So, always prepare for the best and expect for the worst.
  3. The best thing to do in any such situation is to keep calm and focus on the solutions (instead of dwelling into finding the causes) and move on from there. 
  4. It is NOT the end of the world
Now, my new "baby" is up and running again, in fact it is running faster than before!

The last thing that we should do is to start the blame game as there is no benefit whatsoever in blaming yourself or others for such unfortunate event, it will only help the doctor as your blood pressure is sure to go up! 

Do you have any unfortunate event/experience to share and how did you react to it? But no April Fool jokes please! ;-)

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