Sunday 15 April 2012

What's Earthquake And Instagram Acquisition Have In Common?

Last week, two of the major global news that stole the limelight were the Major earthquake in Indonesia and the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook. These two seemingly very different events have something in common. Read on to find our why I say so....

Before I share their similarity, let's go through some background of the news:  

Earthquake In Indonesia:
On 11 Apr 2012, two massive major earthquakes struck off the coast of Indonesia with a reported magnitude of 8.6. It sparks Tsunami fear in the neighbouring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and even India. Tsunami alert were put in placed in these countries (by the Authority) and many residents were evacuated from the coastal area to the higher ground.  Thank God, no real Tsunami attack were reported since and it's a non-event after all.

Acquisition of Instagram by Facebook:
On 9 Apr 12, it was officially announced Facebook will acquire Instagram for a mammoth 1 billion dollars. If you are still clueless about what is Instagram, it is a mobile social networking app that allow users to snap photos, filter it (if deemed necessary) and share it across the network instantly. This business deal definitely has it's pros and cons but it has set off the panic button among the existing Instagram users for fear of the potential integration of Instagram into Facebook as well as the data privacy concern, among other things. Thus, many authority sites/blogs have since published many posts on the Instagram alternatives (for the leavers). In short, it has triggered an virtual Tsunami alert among the users that something "bad" is on it's way! 

So, what is the similarity between these two events? 

They have both triggered the Tsunami Alert (one physical and the other virtual) and created psychological fear for uncertainty among those who have affected. However, ultimately it might not be as bad as it seems to be (like in the case of the earthquake in Indonesia), thus, let's not press the panic button too hard and cause disruption towards our normal routine. As it is, life itself is already full of uncertainty, as long as we live our life to the fullest by preparing for the best and expecting for the worst, we all will be just fine.

Do you agree with my view and what is your takes on the future of Instagram? Do share your view here.


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