Thursday 14 June 2012

Euro 2012 Fever - Your Prediction?

The once every 4-years global sport tournament, Euro Cup (Euro 2012) has just started for about a week now. This year, the tournament is co-hosted in Poland and Ukraine. It has been gaining momentum around the world and the hot talking points during the tea/lunch breaks nowadays goes something like these:

"Have you watched the match last night(or early morning in some countries)?"

"What a lousy defence from xxxxx" 

"Draw again!?" etc...

So far, the first few matches of Euro 2012 were not the prettiest (or "exciting") ones to watch but they still manage to create enough buzz among the working adults. By the way, do you know that this is the last Euro Cup to have 16 competing teams (nationals)? From 2016 onwards, there will be 24 teams in the Euro Cup. In would means that there will be more matches, more sleepless nights in the upcoming tournament(s).

Being a soccer fan, I must admit that I did not follow the Euro 2012 as frequent as I like it to be. So far, I only managed to catch 2 live matches. Having said that, the tournament will usually get more excited after the group stage. So, it's time for me to stock-up my 3-in-1 coffee!

Talking about the world most beautify sport aka soccer, there are many lessons that we can learn from it. Three of my personal favourite are:

"Soccer is about team work and never about individual performance" (same thing applies in the corporate world)

"Defence is the our best attack" (we always need to take care of our back-line [foundation])

"The ball is round" (nothing is guarantee in the match, same thing happens to life)  

Are you following the Euro 2012? If yes, what is your prediction on which team to lift the cup on 1st Jul 2012? My prediction is GERMANY (even though I am an ENGLAND fan)!


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