Monday 11 June 2012

My Breakthrough Commitment! What's Yours?

Last weekend, I’ve attended a 2-days workshop entitled Black Belt 2, organized by my company, for all the managers within my section. From the name of the workshop, you will know there this is the part 2 of the workshop (I’ve attended Black Belt 1 some years back). It is a very intense and participative workshop which making use of numerous games to challenge the participants physically, mentally and emotionally.

The objective of the workshop is to guide through the participants to embrace the new cultural revolution of my company so that we can move from Excellence to Extra-ordinary. Objectives aside, I personally liked this type of workshop whereby each activity has its learning point(s) and we learned by participating in it (it is proven that we can learn and remember better through such workshop). Even though after the 2-days workshop, we were mentally, physically and emotionally challenged and personally need 11 hours of sleep to recuperate, it is still one of the most fun-filled and enriching workshop I’ve attended so far.

Besides, it allows us to have our own personal breakthrough i.e. doing the stuff that we might thought impossible initially or we would never thought of doing (if not because of the challenge given). A lot of out-of-the-box thinking and facing our own fears heads-on. For example, I would never think of myself being part of the flash mob event.

This post is not really about the workshop, it is about how we should constantly challenge ourselves to come out from our comfort zone and try something new (definition of breakthrough : doing something that you’ve never done before and it can be as small or as big an action/event that you deemed fit!). Actually, doing something new is necessary for growth. It is never too late to learn something new, especially with the advance of technology, learning curve has been shortened tremendously as you can practically find any knowledge, information over the web freely.

Thus, effective from this post, I am making a public breakthrough commitment as follows:
1. I will make at least one breakthrough [do something new] a week (that translates into 52 breakthroughs a year!).
2. I will do a monthly updates on this blog about the progress of these breakthrough (Stay tuned).

What kind of breakthrough have you done for the past one month? Do share them here.


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