Friday 22 June 2012

SPECIAL: Why Concrete Skirting is better for manufactured or mobile homes

Today, I am going to share a topic that is “outside the box” i.e. something not related to the theme of my blog. Just the other day, while browsing through the net, chanced upon a site that is providing the concrete skirting service – Duraskirt. What attracted me is the term “concrete skirting” as in where I stay, all skirting are concrete and thus we usually just call it skirting.
After some research over the net, I discovered that many of the residential houses in countries like USA are wooden base and thus the skirting is made of wood as well. Further research told me that there are many benefits in using the concrete skirting. Some of the prominent benefits of concrete skirting are: 
  1. It keeps the floor warmer (during winter) and cooler (during summer).
  2. It can last for years with little or no maintenance
  3. It helps to keep out small animals like rodents
  4. It’s termite proof etc.
This is just to share my findings and what I’ve learned on the topic (building structure) that is totally alien to me.

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