Saturday 30 June 2012

Minus 8, A special treats from Blu, Shangri-la Hotel Singapore

On Tuesday (26th Jun 2012), me and my wife went to the Blu Restaurant, Shangri-la Hotel Singapore for my wife's early birthday dinner celebration (our annual "ritual"). The reason why we have it much earlier is because the fine dinning restaurant, Blu that we frequent is going to close down for good (what a shame!).

This being our last fine dinning there, it was also one of the best fine dinning experience we have had (in Singapore, at least). On top of the knowledgeable and top-notch hospitality of the waiting staffs (always serve with a homely smile), there are wave upon wave of surprises hit us like lighting, the personalized birthday card, the martini treats and the best of all, a special invite to the kitchen (yes, you heard it right) to have our mother of all surprises of the night: A special treats from chef Kelvin Chia called Minus 8.

It's a mix of science and dessert preparation! Minus 8 is actually a small strip of chocolate with mint flavor, covered with marsh-mallow. It was dipped into a pot of -110 degree C liquid Nitrogen. Chef Kelvin reminded us that once he lift up the Minus 8, we need to consume it in one mouth. The coldness of Nitrogen transformed the marsh-mallow into crispy pieces that melt inside our mouth and the lingering after-taste of mint made us a pair of very happy customer.

Bad news is that not many people will have the chance to experience this little magic of Chef Kelvin but hope that our next visit to Shangri-la Hotel will be hit will another wave of surprises! 

Well done and thank you Chef Kelvin for this special surprise!

Following are some photos taken while we are at Blu:
blu, shangri-la hotel
Taken before the dinner
blu, shangri-la hotel chef kelvin chia
Magic hands of Chef Kelvin carefully dipping Minus 8 inside the pot of Nitrogen
blu, shangri-la hotel chef kelvin chia
The little magic called "Minus 8"
blu, shangri-la hotel chef kelvin chia
Chef Kelvin Chia and my lovely wife
blu, shangri-la hotel chef kelvin chia
My wife and me after the satisfying dinning experience

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