Tuesday 16 August 2011

Bad News?!

As the saying goes "no news is good news!", it is rightly so as majority of the news in the newspaper, TV or internet nowadays are negative or bad news, ranging from natural disasters to criminal cases to financial breakdown etc. Thus, everyday we are unconsciously being bombarded with huge amount of negative forces, we need a strong enough will power to stay afloat in this world which full of underneath current.

Just thinking out loud, would it make any different if we were to set a side one day a week to report only positive news or at least make the negative/bad news as positive as possible!? For example:
1. In reporting a car accident, instead of focusing on the seriousness of the injured person, why not focusing on the miracle of the passengers who were spared from the injury.
2. In reporting the financial crises, instead of focusing on the investors who have lost tons and tons of money, focus on those who have ride through the storm and stay afloat as well as on the definite potential of recovery etc...

I know it's kind of like self-deception but I am of the view that it does make a difference on how the readers perceived the news just by adding in a fair bit of positivity into the news (good or bad). Let's hope to see the bad news that wouldn't looks so bad and good news that looks better!

Last but not least, my sharing of original quotes:

“You may not be good looking, but your beautiful mind is enough to overshadow it! However, the reverse will not be true!”


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