Monday 29 August 2011

My Favourites Blogs

In conjunction with the launch of Blog Day 2011 organized by Nuffnang Singapore, I would like to share 6 most interesting blogs that I've stumbled upon since I started my blogging journey (from Mar 2011). As my blog has wide-spread of readers from across the region (including friends from the west), thus, to be fair, I am going to share 3 Chinese Blogs and 3 English Blogs:

My favourite Chinese Blogs (not in particular order):
1. Rawangboy (万挠男孩) - Rawang is a city in Malaysia and Rawang Boy is a famous children books author and publisher. He is also a regular speaker in schools for many subjects like comic drawing, writing etc... Like the way he write his post, very down to earth and funny at times.  

2. 朱學恒的阿宅萬事通事務所 - A very out-spoken radio presenter from Taiwan. In his blog, he will share the snippets of video clip while presenting at his own online radio station. Like the way to talk which bears no boundaries.

3. Omy Blog - Omy is one of the Singapore most popular online portal that provide up-to-date news on many spectrum. Their blog is very well received especially with Generation Ys. I like their blog design which is very content-rich and colorful.   

My favourite English Blogs (not in particular order):
1. Mashable - Mashable is one of the top-notch professional blog that provide breaking news in a wide categories, from Social Media to Tech and Gadget to Business and Marketing. If you want any latest tech news, Mashable is the blog to go.

2. eHow - eHow is the online resources that you can rely on if you want to find out "How To Do..." anything under the sun. A great place to find an answer (on top of wikipedia or Google for that matter).

3. Triggerpit - A blog that sharing stunning photos that WOW alone is not enough to reflect your true feeling! Check it out with your own eyes, seeing is believing!

That's all I have to share today.


P/S: As a follow-up to my earlier post on Meditation (Methods Of Meditation), I've briefly follow the steps indicated in the blog and try to meditate for 20 minutes. I find that it is an effective way to let your brain "rest" and focus on one thing (calmness) while you are awake! I felt RELAXED during the meditation! Will try it more often...

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  1. 其实,我也是很崇拜朱学恒的。