Sunday 28 August 2011

Incoming And Outgoing

No, no, no. I am not talking about your incoming or outgoing mails/emails. What I am going to talk about today are the two heavyweight personnel in their own arena which made to the news this week. One is more for local scene (Singapore) and the other is an international figure.

The one who is incoming (Singapore):
The result is out this morning that Singaporean have elected Dr Tony Tan as our new President (at least for the next 6 years). Even-though it is only a marginal win but I am confident that Dr Tony Tan is more than capable in assuming the president role.

For the benefit of my foreign visitors/friends, this is our new President, Dr Tony Tan:
Dr Tony Tan
I am sure you will see him more often in the news when he is assuming his presidential roles overseas in the near future!

The one who is outgoing (International):
I am quite sure you've heard of this news somewhere, somehow. But as a iPhone supporter, I would like to re-share this news here. Yes, it is official that Steve Jobs has stepped down as Apple CEO, mainly due to his ailment. The man who brought Apple back from the brink of definite failure has decided to call it a day. His successor is Tim Cook, Chief Operating Officer.
Steve Jobs

With his resignation, only time will tell on the impact to the success of the company but tribute to this great man that almost single-handedly turnaround an ailing company into one of the most successful company in the world now. All the best to him!

I guess same thing happen in our personal life, many people coming in and out of our life and many left with us beautiful or hard to swallow memories. The key is to enjoy the companionship while we are still IN it (as nothing is forever), it's a matter of time that they will be OUT of our life (or we will be OUT of their life) someday, somehow.

Lastly, sharing of my original quote:

"Every life has it's own challenges, the key is NOT to focus on finding a smooth sealing life (as you will not find one), but to learn how to live on amidst all these challenges"


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