Saturday 27 August 2011

SPECIAL : Mental Health!

Today, I will continue to share about my findings on healthy living. I personally viewed that our health is effectively broken down into two categories i.e. physical health and mental health. I am going to share a recent find of informative blogs on the latter.

When talk about mental health, the first thing that comes to my mind is MEDITATION. Recently chanced upon 2 blogs from The Silva Method which provide many informative articles and videos on meditation and inner healing. It is especially useful for the beginners. Do check out their blog in the following links:

Methods Of Meditation

Psychic Divine Healing

One extract from the blog which I thought is good to share it here as I believed this is a potential key misconception of meditation:

"Meditation has often been given a bad rap. People sometimes think of meditation as some type of extreme behavior. Actually meditation is now becoming mainstream. Many doctors, scientists and therapists understand how meditation helps people overcome anxiety and stress and creates a more balanced life. 

Meditation is not hard to learn. To begin meditation start with controlled breathing. This technique will also be used to help you calm down and reduce stress during situations of high anxiety. There are various meditation techniques for beginners that you can learn..."

Hope you enjoy my sharing.


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