Wednesday 31 August 2011

Sad Yet Strong!

Today, I repeatedly listened to songs by Adele and got hooked by her voice with such an amazing magnetizing power! Her last album (21) was released in February 2011. I know it's already 6-months old but good songs last forever!

For those who have not heard of her previously or might not be aware that the song played over the radio was actually sang by her, do check out the video clips below.

I especially like the following 2 songs (one each from her 2 albums):
1. Someone Like You (from Album "21"):

2. Make You Feel My Love (from Album "19"):

Both songs are kind of SAD YET STRONG at the same time!

If you are interested to find out more of her other songs in her albums, click on the image below:

Hope you enjoy it!


P/S: Today is Malaysia's National Day, happy holiday to all my friends from Malaysia!

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