Thursday 18 August 2011

Titans Of The Digital Age

It is official! The four titans of digital age are Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. In fact, they are termed as "Gang Of Four" of technology. You might view that these 4 giants are focusing on different races in the eWorld but they are closer than what you thought.

Do you know that Google has their own brand of Google smartphone (i.e. direct competition with Apple's smartphone)? Do you know that Google has launched their social networking site, Google+ with a bang (again, direct competition with Facebook)? Do you know that Apple is also a direct competitor with Amazon in the online eBooks and MP3d download business? And the list goes on....

With the recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, it means that Google meant business! They are conquering the eWorld bit by bit, from the current internet world to the soon to be mobile world! Be very scared, Apple and the rest of the titans!

If you study deeper, all of these titans are involved in the "information" business, one way or the other, e.g.:
1. Apple is selling apps through their iTunes store.
2. Google is the top search engine with the built-in online advertising business model.
3. Amazon is selling eBooks or MP3s.
4. Facebook is heavily involved in their online advertising business model.

So, what does it means to you? It means that the money lies in the INFORMATION or ONLINE RESOURCES! The best part is that everyone has the equal chance to make it BIG in the digital age! In short, everyone can be the fifth titan! So, start to squeeze your brain juice now and hope that the next "killer site" is from you!

Last but not least, my sharing of inspirational quote:

"The demon (self-doubt) that lies within yourself is more dangerous than what is seems to be! It destroys your confident, defeats your will power! So, if you do not wish to have a doubtful future, you need to slay that demon! "


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