Saturday 20 August 2011

Soon To Be: History!

Today, decided to take an educational excursion to the local museums for a refresher lesson of those "old" and historical stuff. It's a worthwhile outing, besides rekindling with those items that so historical yet still so fresh in my memory, I learned a few "new" thing along the way. For example, there is a fragment of stone slab called "Stone Of Singapore" which bore an undeciphered inscription, discovered by Sir Stamford Raffles in June 1819.

This visit set me thinking of one thing: with the current speed of technology advancement, how long does it take (in terms of number of years) for a technological item to be rendered "history" or lost it's irrelevancy? For example, typewriter still in-use 15 or 20 years ago but I am pretty sure it is considered an antic nowadays i.e. can be seen only in the museum. Same thing goes to pager (the predecessor of MSN). Of course, every useful and creative invention do have it's years when it reached it's height but nothing will last forever!    

My personal list of high-risk items (for the next 10 to 15 years) are:
1. Telephone set (to be replaced by instant messaging, social media and VOIP [Voice Over The Internet Protocol]).
2. TV set (to be replaced by computer, laptop, smartphone, tablets etc)
3. Handphone that it non-smart phone (lost it's usefulness)

What is your list?

Last but not least, here come the inspirational quote:

"Will power alone might not change the outcome but positive outcome cannot be reached without it! Got WILL can REACH!"


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