Friday 12 August 2011

SPECIAL: The Care For Man's Best Friends!

Warning: Today's focus is not on human being!!

I am sure you folks know what I am talking about! Yes, I am talking about doggie, also known as man's best friend! Many of my friends (especially those single lady friends) do keep dog as their companion. Some of them even have more than one. As most dogs are very loyal to their owners, that's why they are called the man's best friend!

However, when talk about dogs (or even cats, for that matter), one of the common "complaint" from my friends are the challenges in taking care of them especially the fleas and ticks problem, I guess most dogs are exposed to the risk of contacting the fleas and ticks. More often then not, most of my friends resort to bringing their dogs to visit the vet.

Recently, I stumbled upon an informative site called Frontline whereby it share some really cool information about the tips on how to take care of your dogs/cats especially on the remedy for fleas and ticks. For example, do you know how to differentiate the fleas and ticks? How pets pick-up fleas? How to prevent fleas from your pet etc...? Many of such questions were answered in the site.

Thus, for those who are interested to find out more (on behalf of your "best friends"), do check out their sites at:

Frontline Offical Site
Frontline For Dog
Frontline for Cat

Hope you like my sharing.


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