Monday 8 August 2011

Fighting Spirit, the Red Devil Style!

For those soccer (football) enthusiasts would know what I am talking about! For those who are not, fret not, I will explain. Last night, Manchester United (or commonly known as Red Devil) completed another classic comeback in the Community Shield Cup match against Manchester City. The final scoreline is 3-2. Yes! We are the comeback king, no less!

We went 2 goals down at half-time but the never say never spirit of the red devils fight till the end and snatched a last minute goal (to be specific, it was at 94th minute). Nani is the 2-goals hero in this match and this is the curtain opener for the new season of British Premier League. Another action-pack season is expected and this is only the appetizer! ;-)

So, what does this game teaches me? In life, we need to maintain the same kind of never-say-never spirit and fight to the end. At times, we might see that our future is going downhill, but life is full of ups and downs, as long as we don't give up and continue to do our very best, we will surely bounced back!

Tomorrow (9th August 2011) is Singapore's 46th birthday!
Happy Birthday SINGAPORE!

“No one is born with great mind-set, but with hard work and tenacity, a great mind-set will be born!”


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