Friday 5 August 2011

Type of friendships

With the booming of social networking sites in the internet space, from facebook to twitter to Google+, I believed many of us would have more than 100 "friends" in our social networking circles (on average, each Facebook user has 130 "friends"). For me, I have 316 friends in Facebook alone.

The question is how many of your social networks friends are really your personal and true friends and how many are just, facebook friends? Or you don't even care as long as they are your "friends"? Many decades ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle defined friendships with the following levels:

1. Friendship of utility (FOU) - formed between people who are useful to one another.
2. Friendship of pleasure (FOP) - formed between people who share common interests or hobbies.
3. Perfect friendship (PF) - true and lasting friendships based on mutual affection and regard.

Of course, each category of friendships do serve their own purpose and it's necessary to have mixture of friendships, in some extend. Having said that, it might be interesting to find out your friendships ratio (between FOU, FOP and PF). Why don't you do a quick check now? My guess is in the range of 50:30:20. Do you agree with me?

In any case, the important point is not how many friends you have in your social networks, but how many souls you can declare as Perfect Friends in real and physical life! Think about it...

Finally, today's original quote is a short and simple one:

"The defining moment for true friendship is hardship!"


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